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Winnebago County Clerk

January 6, 1861 Rock River Mirror newspaper article

The article is titled "Marriages in Winnebago County," and describes a brief history of marriage records in the county. Also included in the article is a yearly tally of recorded marriages from 1836(1) to 1860(150). [View Article]

Winnebago County Clerk's Office in 1889

Prior to 1889 the Winnebago County Clerk recorded birth certificates (since 1855), marriage licenses (since 1836), and death certificates (since 1844). The population at this time in Rockford was 23,534 according to census.

Winnebago County Clerk's Office in the 1920's

By the 1920's the population of Rockford grew to more than 65,000. Also in the 1920's Jefferson Street Bridge was completed, Lincoln Junior High School is opened, and construction of the 12-story Talcott Building in downtown Rockford completed.

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The Winnebago County Clerk’s office is the repository for ALL birth records beginning in 1855 to present, ALL death records from 1844 to present, ALL marriage records beginning in 1836 and Civil Union records from 2011 to present.

Our Vital Records division maintains hundreds of thousands of historical records and the number grows every day. For all records considered non-genealogical, please stop by our office. We are located on the first floor of the Administration Building at 404 Elm Street in downtown Rockford. For questions, please call us at 815-319-4250.